Tacoma is a city that takes its trick-or-treating very seriously.

You can check out Frighthouse Square, where $25 buys you entrance into two jump-scare haunts. If you’re looking for something tamer, consider the Haunted Dojo.

For more than thirty years John Smith and his wife Jeanette have haunted the neighborhood. On Halloween night, they give guided tours through yards filled with ghouls, giant spiders and plastic cat skeletons.

“The overall effect that we’re trying to give is that Halloween can be fun, without being ghoulish and bloody,” says John Smith.

“We all grew up with Halloween,” says Jeanette Smith. “Halloween to us was dressing up, and going out trick or treating, going to parties but not-- not slasher kind of gore.”

Kids who survive the tour (and of course they all do) earn fistfuls of candy.

The Haunted Dojo is located on N 21st Street and Warner. Only costumed kids and adults can take the tour.

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