Nobody is going to confuse Tacoma's 6th avenue for the Champs Elysees, but if you know where to look
you'll find elegance and flourishes of kaleidoscopic color.

“Every place needs a little sprucing up with color,” said the artist responsible. “Color is a great thing”.

We met Kassie Mitchell at Engine No 9., her favorite brewpub, where she was crocheting her next piece of work. This grandmother of four has a dual identity.

“Well they call me the 6th Avenue Yarn Bomber usually,” she said.

Since 2014 virtually no bike rack has been safe from Kassie Mitchell’s cozies of color.

“Color is the greatest thing in life,” she said

We interviewed her sitting on her masterwork, a large multi-hued bicycle rack catty corner from Shakabrah.

“This piece was inspired by the movie Beetlejuice. The snake. And the colors. And the black and white. And just bold color on the triangles,” she said.

Her cozies last six months to a year. When they're done, she unceremoniously tosses them in the garbage.

“This one had its day. Kids played on it. Bikes were on it. It had a good time.” She said. “It had a nice life.”

The first time Mitchell tried yarn bombing she was scared.

“It was terrifying,” she laughed. “I didn't know how it was going to be received at first by anybody. The shop owners, cops everybody. So I put five of them out and the rest as they say is history.”

Kassie Mitchell’s still at it, boldly bombing during daylight hours.

“It's guerilla art,” she said. “It's not sanctioned. It could be here one day and gone the next day.Things happen to them so I just want people to enjoy it for the day it's here, and not worry about what's happening down the line."

“I am a guerilla artist,” she adds. “Kinda weird for a grandma.”

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