The highly popular variety show Little Big Shots returns to NBC Sunday night. The season premiere features six amazing and talented kids, and stars the host Steve Harvey.

He joins Evening reporter Saint Bryan to talk about the show’s premiere.

SAINT: Steve, "little big shots" was the most watched new series of last season. Why do you think it's so popular?

STEVE: Well, when you can see kids do so incredible stuff and then you can listen to the interviews and kids talk very honestly when you ask them different types of questions. That's a winning combination. Most adults have kids, so you have those people watching. Then the grandparents, they want to watch the grandkids cause their children had them. And then other kids love watching other kids become successful. And so that a massive appeal for everybody.

SAINT: Can you tell us more about one of the kids we'll see on Sunday: Elha Nympha of the Philippines? What's her story?

STEVE: I'm trying to tell you man, that girl has an incredible story because she was out on her own. She was out there taking care of her brothers and sisters by herself. When this girl opens her mouth to sing you can't believe the voice that comes from this child. Absolutely incredible.

SAINT: Steve, we can't let you go without asking about the Oscars. Your name came up a lot that night having had similar experience at the Miss Universe pageant last year. What's your take on the mix up?

STEVE: I thought it was complete redemption. I thought it was one of the greatest nights of my life. It was like so cool to see it happen to someone else because I was wonder what they were going to do because you know for a full year I've been hearing ‘how could that happen, that should have never happened, that's ridiculous, he blew it.’ No man it's live TV. And it could not have happened on a bigger night, a bigger platform then their golden child, the Oscars.

I loved it man. Hang in there, Warren Beatty.