We talked to Seattle inventor and entrepreneur Michael Grabham about what it takes to turn a passion into action.

K5 Evening: We've been learning about people enhancing their skills, and different innovations that can help them do that. What about the skill of taking an idea and turning it into action? What's the best way to get started?

Michael: It varies with everyone a little bit. The main things to remember is you can't do it on your own. You have to get help from other people. Go online, listen to podcasts. There are hundreds of podcasts about entrepreneurship. Meet-ups. There's workshops all over the place from General Assembly to CoMotion Labs. Go to the Start-It Seattle Facebook page. Always posting information and resources about how to start things.There's lots of places you can go. You just have to take the initiative to ask.

K5 Evening: Initiative is the key word. A lot of people get great ideas and then they just sit on them. They think, well, the time will be right for me to act on it, or maybe I don't want to share it because someone will steal my great idea.

Michael: Here's what happens a lot of the time. You lose the initiative. You lose the enthusiasm. You lose the passion. You start to lose all that stuff. And then it just goes away, right? If you have an idea, start sharing with people and start asking: "Where can I learn more about this, and where can I learn more about that?" And I can almost guarantee you that people will point you in the right direction.

Story produced in collaboration with Start IT Seattle. Connect with them via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.