KING 5 Evening's Jim Dever talked to Start It Seattle's Michael Grabham, an inventor and consultant to entrepreneurs, about what it takes to put a great idea into action.

Jim: A lot of people have great ideas. Very few people actually act on them. What makes the difference?

Michael: Obsession. You've got to be intensely obsessed about the idea.

Jim: There's no such thing as a weekend entrepreneur?

Michael: Well, there is. But they're not really entrepreneurs. They're called "want-trepreneurs." There's no entrepreneurs on the weekends.

Jim: Got to put the sweat in.

Michael: Can't fake it.

Jim: What's the next step? How do you put the passion into some forward progress?

Michael: Okay, we have a great idea. We're really excited about it. Most of the time, when people are solving problems, they're usually not solving from something they're deeply knowledgeable about. It's networking. It's actually making an effort to meet people. Reaching out on LinkedIn, emailing people, saying "I need help." You'd be surprised when you do a simple email to someone saying, "Hey I need your help. Can I spend 15 minutes over coffee?" That's how you do it. That's how you meet people that know more than you do. That's how you learn. There is actually a way to network. People think it's just shaking hands and not bumping into people. But there really is a method to the madness. U-Dub has CoMotion Labs, where they do a lot of things around science. Galvanize, where we are today, has events happening every single night. Lots of smart people in different aspects of starting companies. Look at all these smart people doing really interesting things!

Jim: Okay, you've given me some motivation. Now I want to tell you about my self-polishing shoes.

Michael: No.

This story produced in collaboration with Start It Seattle.