SEATTLE – With its colorful characters, silly jokes and irresistible soundtrack, Trolls is primed for box office success and repeat viewings.

So we asked the cast and filmmakers about the movies they’ve watched the most times.

"Star Wars,” said Anna Kendrick. “The originals.”

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is the movie I've watched more than any other movie,” Justin Timberlake added.

“Do you watch it through the end, past the credits?” asked reporter Kim Holcomb.

“I do, I do. 'You're still here? Go home. It's over,'” Timberlake quoted.

"Step Brothers is one of them. That has a lot of re-watchable ability,” said Chris Mintz-Plasse. "I remember when I was young, I watched The Matrix like 8 times. Back when you would rent tapes from Blockbuster, my dad would rent them and you have three days for the weekend, I watched it like 8 times."

"The Three Caballeros, a Disney movie from the late '40's. It's very psychedelic and very musical and has tons and tons of color. It had a big influence on this film,” said director Walt Dohrn.

Trolls is rated PG and opens in theaters on November 4.