Have you ever loved a dish so much you wanted to buy the whole restaurant? That's how Tina Kalinowski feels about The Chrissy at Shakabrah.

"It's a magical dish full of eggs, bacon, mushrooms, spinach all scrambled together," said Kalinowski.

Shakabrah has been serving all-day breakfast to the Tacoma masses for more than 20 years.

"Shaka is the Hawaiian 'hang loose' sign, and then 'brah' is the Hawaiian thing for bro, " explained Kalinowski. "So it's 'Hang loose, bro,' and that's kind of the way the restaurant started."

But in 2008, Shakabrah -- and The Chrissy -- looked like they were going away. That's when Tina and her family made a life-changing decision: to buy the place.

"We bought it because we didn't want Shakrabrah to close. We felt Tacoma needed a Shakrabrah," said Kalinowski.

Joe Hallberg and Malcolm Whitfield have been coming to this Sixth Avenue cafe for ages. They both believe breakfast is a meal that can be served and enjoyed any time of the day.

"You can have breakfast for dinner, " said Whitfield. "But you really can't have dinner for breakfast."

The plates come heaping with food. The corned beef hash is all fresh. The Brain is a breakfast sandwich made with French toast. And then there's the magic potatoes awash in veggies and cheese. That's Hallberg's favorite.

"There's a secret there," said Hallberg. "They won't tell me."

"What makes them magic?" asked Kalinowski."I would just have to say the love that goes into creating them!"

(253) 572-2787
2618 6th Ave
Tacoma, WA 98406