Aaron and Grant Witherell are two of the best wakesurfers in the world, and they hail from Sequim, Washington.

Wakesurfing is essentially wakeboarding without a rope. And nobody does it better than the Witherell brothers.
Grant Witherell and older brother Aaron don’t want to be tied down.

“You're just cruisin' with nothin',” said Grant. “And it's just, feels so cool.”

If they sound mellow, it's because they are, just like their sport.

A cousin of the more manic and intense wakeboarding, wakesurfers ride what Aaron calls "an everlasting wave."

It all began for them when their uncle showed up with a surfboard at a lake near their hometown of Sequim.

“Grant was always way lighter than everyone and he could just like wakesurf forever on the small wave because he was so little at the time and no one else could surf without the rope,” said Aaron.

They got a bigger boat so they could all drop the rope. Now, they can ride side by side as they travel the world.

They wax up their boards and then start with a tow, but soon let it so they can flow on the wake.

Grant's rep is going big. He bagged the trick of the year with this 720 big spin. His board completes two full revolutions, while he does a 180. Grant is the first in the world to land it and his big bro got him there.

“Like I'm on the jetski, we're going to get this shot. ‘You're going to get it done,’ and boom first try, just nailed it. So, good we got the perfect shot,” said Aaron.

Aaron is known for his smooth sequencing during a run.

There's no sibling rivalry here, they very much root for each other. Kind of like the wakeboarders do for these relative newcomers to their tour.

“They're accepting us more and more. They see us around more at stops," said Aaron. "I'd say we were more like nervous to interact with them because they're all like such heavy athletes.”

These guys are athletes too, just a little more relaxed – they have to be to ride the everlasting wave.

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