Nancy LeVine is a Seattle photographer who specializes in dogs, and her work is featured in the new book Really Good Dog Photography.

"I'm just completely thrilled and honored to be part of this,' said LeVine. “It's really sort of the elites of the dog photography world. It's very exciting."

Her photos of senior dogs, are featured alongside photos by world-renowned artists like Elliot Erwitt, and William Wegman. She is well known for senior dog portraits thanks to her book Senior Dogs Across America.

“The idea behind Really Good Dog Photography is not about the gazillions of cute dog pictures we often see on Instagram and everywhere else, but the people who are treating dogs a serious subject matter just as you treat a person or nature or any other serious subject," said LeVine.

LeVine took us on a photo walkabout with her dogs, Sosi and Herbie...and shared pro tips on taking next level dog photos.

Tip 1: Get on your dog's level

"The point of view of where you put the camera is extremely important when you're photographing a dog. Oftentimes you want to bring yourself down to the height of the dog, so you're not shooting down."

Tip 2: Get on your dog's schedule

"I would say one of the greatest things you can do as a photographer for is wait observe, be patient and just see what happens," she explained.

Tip 3: Let the dogs tell you where they want to pose.

"The dogs really do the leading, and when I'm photographing them, I'm just observing them, feeling their energy, just kind of observing and finding these moments."

The one thing that LeVine’s photos, as well as the photos in Really Good Dog Photography, all do: they illustrate that connection that dogs have with humans.

Nancy LeVine recently started taking commissions dog portrait shoots. Check her website for details.

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