They are fast becoming the fashion's go to girls online. So, it makes sense that we'd talk to the twin sister titans of the fashion world via Skype.

Monica and Shelby Church are YouTube sensations. They were featured in Teen Vogue and their two channels have more than 55 million views.

“I think I have more total views maybe? But I think. I have more subscribers. But she might have more total views. I'm not really sure,” said Monica.

Monica calls her channel Hairodynamic...

“So like your hair and it's like aerodynamic,” said Monica.

She started what has become their full-time jobs.

“When I was going into high school, I was Googling like how to curl your hair like just for the first day of school or something like that,” said Monica. “I was like I want to do that. I want to make those videos.”

Soon Shelby started doing her own channel TeenMakeupTips and they became a smash hit with teen girls all over the world.

By selling advertising and product placement on their channels, they now make, at age 20, as much as their parents combined.

“It's probably about like the same at least,” said Monica. “Which is crazy because we didn't even graduate college yet.”

They put film school on hold to concentrate on their channels and they moved to LA to be close to the action.

“You don't know how long it's going to last,” said Monica. “So you want to take advantage of the time when you're peaking and doing well with it.”

They connect to their online audience in a more intimate way than a TV show or movie.

“When you're on YouTube, you just put yourself out there like a totally normal person. Not like a celebrity where it's like very distant,” said Monica. “So they really do know us. And it's kind of like they're our friends in a way. So, it's cool.”

And why not one channel? They are twins!

“I feel like it's easier to just have your own channel because we share a lot of stuff already,” said Shelby.

“Like growing up, we'd always have to be the ones that like would share everything,” said Monica.

And since they're now fashion experts, how about a tip just for us?

“Maybe wearing clothes that fit, I guess? That's always a good thing,” said Shelby.

“I would say, if you don't know what to wear, just wear black,” said Monica. “You can't go wrong with black.”

Monica and Shelby have since been approached to do a reality show, but turned the offer down. They want to keep producing and mentoring other YouTubers.