A Seattle start-up is bringing fresh, healthy meals to offices in a new and simple way.

Airlift is a small self-service kiosk that can exist in companies with as few as 25 employees.

It's stocked with nutritious salads, sandwiches and wraps prepared by local vendors. There are also an array of snacks and drinks.

Customers grab the items they want, scan them on an iPad, enter a pre-registered pin code, and go.

'It's not a convenient store in your office, it's a fresh food market in your office,' said Airlift founder and CEO Sandeep Phadke.

The idea came to him when he was launching a different business.

'My first startup, it got a little traction to begin with, but then it wasn't going anywhere,' he said. 'And while I was doing that, I thought of this one because I was hungry at work!'

It's a great solution for employees who forget to pack lunches or don't want the hassle of going out to eat.

The location inside SODO's Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union has been a big hit.

'When we moved to this building, we didn't have a lot of food options,' said Bianca Dasilva, who works in HR. 'We wanted to make sure we had something that fit everybody's needs.'

Airlift has tools in place to make sure the menus fit individual offices. Customers can request specific items at checkout or via text, and the menu rotates regularly.

The fresh food marketplace is already up and running in a dozen offices, with more on the way.

Phadke's first startup may have failed, but it led to Airlift taking flight.

This story produced in collaboration with Start It Seattle.