The Seattle Design Nerds are getting ready to blow your mind -- because they're putting art everywhere.

Wit and whimsy sprout from the streets of a city in full artistic bloom.

"We're just appreciating we're we're at," said Trevor Dykstra, co-founder of the Seattle Design Nerds.

But who are the Seattle Design Nerds? They are a loosely organized group of artists, architects, and other creative types celebrating the town they love.

"We really want to push the idea that designers can collaborate with each other," Trevor said.

According to Trevor, just a few years ago, the team's public projects were strictly no-frills.

But the sidewalk sculptures have grown, right along with their mailing list of helpers.

"We'll just put out a call and they'll show," he said.

Among Trevor's favorite creations is the Creature of Pioneer Square's Nord Alley.

"It was 200 feet long, 16 feet wide, 16 feet tall," he said. "We filled the entire, all of Nord Alley. Didn't know what we were doing."

Another one is the Refractor, which sits in a suitcase, but inflates to make a big impression.

"It was on the waterfront, I think we took it to Georgetown," he said. "It went to Austin, Texas for a little bit."

The AR (augmented reality) Sandbox allwos users to reshape a landscape.

"When you kind of rework the sand it paints topographic lines on it," he said. "It's mesmerizing. You spend an hour there digging in the dirt."

Today, Trevor and his team are brining Plushcadia, an inflatable mural, to the public square. The piece is designed to morph as visitors play with its fabric pixels.

"It's meant to be sort of a hangout spot inside and outside it's interactive," he said.

It's an ever-evolving image from an ever-changing cast of characters, the Seattle Design Nerds.

"So that's our motto," he said, "making Seattle a little more awesome."

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