Upcoming movie The Beguiled features wardrobe pieces by a Seattle-based corset maker.

Sofia Coppola won "Best Director" at the Cannes Film Festival for the movie, which is set during the Civil War.

The period piece is a moody thriller about an injured Union soldier who's offered shelter inside an all-female southern boarding school.

Period Corsets, located in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood, made one of their standard Julia corsets with a front busk for one of the youngest girls, a custom Julia made in dotted brocade with trim and flossing, and two custom night-gown length chemise for actress Kirsten Dunst.

Co-star Elle Fanning said wearing the costumes taught her it wasn't an easy era for women to get dressed by themselves.

“Each one of us, all of the girls, we all had a dresser that would come in the mornings and dress us,” she said. “They did up the corsets, then we had two layers underneath and then the dresses that go on top."

The Beguiled is rated R and opens in theaters on June 30.