From preparation to the finished product, food may never look the same once you've seen it through the lens of ChefSteps.

"There's a lot of great publications out there that are teaching people how to cook or showing them how to cook. But what we try to do is talk about things in a more universal perspective. Kinda how a chef would actually learn how to cook," said Grant Crilly, co-founder of, Chefsteps.

The Seattle-based food and technology company has developed a hungry following of over one million people from around the world, most of whom log on to watch their step-by-step cooking videos.

"We sorta built this company from day one by focusing on helping other cooks be successful in the kitchen and letting them steer the business in various directions based on what problems we can help solve," said Chris Young, co-founder of ChefSteps.

From their test kitchen down in Pike Place Market, the ChefSteps staff tries to tackle as many cooking techniques as they can.

"The team gets together, makes sure we're on the same page,” said Crilly. "And then we kinda tackle it step by step in the video and then we attack visually step by step so we have all the pieces we need to communicate the recipe or technique."

"We have audio we do in house, we have video we do in house, we basically do everything in house," said Crilly. "Hopefully by watching the ChefSteps video or cooking a chef steps recipe, you have success with that one, but it also opens your eyes to other things that you can accomplish next time."

Their informative and fun videos are so good, last year they were awarded two James Beard awards for their work.

"There's a team of nearly 50 people here who are incredibly passionate about helping people cook," said Young.

So while you may never be a master chef, ChefSteps hopes they're serving up empowerment to cooks at any level.

"This company has a real chance at changing the way people cook in their kitchen in the 21st century," said Young.

You can find more info about ChefSteps here. You can also find videos on their YouTube channel here.

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