Nowadays being a parent means being a chauffeur. Transportation to soccer, piano, play practice or any number of activities can be an overwhelming challenge for mom and dad.

Enter pogo, a new app for "parents on the go."

Plug in your school, activities and typical routes. The app then connects you to those going to the same places at the same times.

Mother of two Melissa Lehman founded the company that results in extra seats filled, fewer cars on the road and more time for busy families.

An unintended benefit is the relationships formed on the road.

"All of the sudden this incredible friendship formed between these kids that wouldn't have otherwise known each other. And now they've got like a playlist and certain songs are their songs. And they've rated the parents in terms of who's the best carpool parent," said Lehman.

Pogo recently won a million dollar prize in a Verizon "Powerful Answers" contest in the best transportation idea category.