The Seahawk's honorary military unit for the season got special recognition this week, in the Change of Command Ceremony.

The Hawk's adopted unit from last year, the Marine Security Forces Battalion Bangor passed on the 12 flag to the Navy Region Northwest.

"What's better than giving back to the military? I mean they do so much for us,” said Seahawks Defensive End Michael Bennett.

The Seahawks have partnered with USAA since 2012 to annually honor a military unit with the 12 flag . The Change of Command Ceremony marks the start of a new season military unit.

The flag will now travel with the unit across the country, on carriers, planes, and even submarines.

“And that flag is going to mean so much when we go out there, and to be a 12th man, to be a fan of it, and to go around the world and bring it back here, it means so much,” said Bennett.

“Today is extra special,” said Everett Naval Station Chaplain Lahaunn Moore. “I got to see players, got to meet my Sailors and Marines, so it was great. I've never experienced anything like this so I'm very appreciative.”

And once the ceremony was over, Bennett had a special performance for the crowd. Watch the video to see Bennett’s rendition of “Hello” by Adele.

This is the 5th year the Hawks have honored a military unit.