SEATTLE-- Seattle Seahawk Cliff Avril deserves a double thumbs up lately: having the best season of his career, and named defensive player of the month for October.

But despite his success, he never forgets where he came from.

Cliff Avril's parents hail from the island of Haiti. His father passed away recently, and Cliff knew it was time to visit his homeland.

On his 5-day trip to Haiti, he was able to bring along his mother and Seahawk Legend Marshawn Lynch and it was a life changing one. Avril and company visited a Haiti orphanage, and connected with the children on a deeper level.

"People usually donate...write a check and that'd be the end of it," Avril states. "They're [orphanage children] usually not used to people wanting to get involved. I was like, 'I want to get involved. I want to know these kids names.'"

While in Haiti, Cliff and Marshawn helped in the construction of an elementary school, hammering and digging away. Cliff's mother has been emotional about it.

"She's crying everyday because she's so excited and just to see the type of impact we can make, just us, in her country, in her homeland, she's pretty stoked and happy about it," Avril says.

Also while in Haiti, Avril was also able to stage a football camp and donated water for a whole year at the orphanage.

"We want to see the breakdown. We want to be apart of this whole process. We want change in the community," Avril expresses.

Even after his trip to Haiti, the Seahawk Defensive End has continued to support his homeland. Avril partnered with New Story, a charity, to build a home in Haiti for every sack he records this season. New Story also pledges to have 100 percent of donations to go towards rebuilding homes and buildings in Haiti.

Cliff also teamed up with Marshawn Lynch and Cornerback Richard Sherman to launch an exclusive line of clothing available at Beast Mode® Seattle Store located at 558 1st Avenue. Proceeds from the clothing line, “Bricks2Books”, will also help finish building the school in Haiti.