Bellevue, WA – On Tuesday night before Sunday's big playoff game, Seahawk center, Drew Nowak and tight end, Luke Willson became rivals in a game of ping pong.

"Today facing Drew, he knows my game, so I am going to try and change it up a little bit and put a couple of slams in there," said Willson as he got ready to play ping pong.   "I am going high risk and high reward."

 Ping pong has become a locker-room obsession at the Seahawks team facility.

"You know , it gets extremely competitive, we'll keep it PG today", said Willson.  "But, guys will be yelling, I mean it's all in good fun."

At Bellevue Square Nowak and Willson went head to head not only to show off their ping-ponging skills, but Willson's latest secret weapon.  He arrived wearing the new Microsoft Band that monitors his fitness level and more.

"It tracks my heart rate.  It does a bunch of stuff , basically if I get too anxious or too wound up it will tell me to calm myself down', said Willson.

The data became valuable information as Willson strategized a come-from-behind win.  He admitted he was the underdog in the ping-pong match.

"Im trying to pull the upset today," he said.  

In Tuesday's battle of the paddles, Nowak eventually won four games to zip.

Willson graciously accepted his defeat and said, "That's alright, I can handle it , I can handle it."

But, you know this rivalry isn't over yet. It's one that will continue with a rematch back in the Seahawks' locker room.

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