Big food fans should start with a healthy breakfast, of course. How about bottomless hash browns and a 12 egg omelet at Beth’s Café on Aurora? It can be yours for 18 to 25 dollars, depending on what you add.

For lunch, we found a place with the cutest 'wall of fame' we've ever seen at Gordito’s in Greenwood, a place known for baby sized burritos. The walls are plastered with photos of babies next to behemoth burritos. The Baby Burrito has guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, rice, beans, and meat -- all swaddled in two tortillas. Who could eat this?

"Lots of people,” said manager Shannon Hall. “Who doesn't want a baby burrito is a better question."

Here's how you can get one of these big babies -- for free:

"You bring your baby in, and as long as it's under a month, we give you a free burrito, and we take a picture with it, and it goes on the wall,” said Hall.

And if you aren't ready for parenthood -- a Baby Burrito can still be yours for just ten bucks.

Craving pastrami by the pound? Then check out Goldberg’s Famous Restaurant and Delicatessen in Factoria -- home of the Five Pound Rueben. This bad boy will set you back $69.95, and Jim Dever did not manage to finish his when he visited.

On to dinner -- something for lovers of large amounts of noodles.

At Dong Thap Noodles in South Seattle, this big fat bowl of Pho has three pounds of meat, three pounds of noodles, and three liters of broth. And you'll win 100 dollars if you can finish it, alone, in 90 minutes.

Otherwise, the big Pho bowl is 45 bucks.

You just know there's going to be something impressive at a place called 'Zippy's Giant Burgers.'

The 'All Hail King Lou Lou’ has a big name – because it's a big burger. Named for a cook who was power hungry enough to build a seventeen dollar and sixty-nine cent burger.

The crown has since gone to Zippy’s current kitchen manager AJ Avery.

"Four patties, grilled onions, two slices of American on each, and then you’re gonna get two to three strips of bacon on each patty,” he explained.

Building this burger is as much of a challenge as eating it. The hardest part?

"Keeping it upright."

A sandwich that’s a slippery stack of pure heart attack....with a cute baby burger on top because why not?

So try some of Seattle's super food -- even if you don't finish -- you'll leave the table with a great big story.