In Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood, hungry eaters wait in line to eat at a burger joint with the cleverly spelled name.

"This restaurant is called the BRGR bar." says Mathew Choi, general manager of the restaurant. "We have a bunch of amazing burgers. At the same time, you can still build your own."

But if you want a burger with more than just cheese, you might want to pick the one they call, B-M-B.

"The burger called B-M-B stands for bacon, mushroom and blue crumble. That comes with the house mayo aioli and comes with a beef patty that is organic that we're getting daily from Painted Hills in Washington," said Choi.

The blue cheese gives this burger just the right amount of bite.

Across town in Fremont, diners are busy digging in at another perfectly named place.

At Uneeda Burger, they specialize in all things burger and try to cover the spectrum of what anybody might want on any given day.

Their classic cheeseburger is a staple, but if you want one with some flare, you should consider something else.

"My favorite burger, all though don't tell the other burgers I said this, is the number 5, the Sonora," said the former general manager.

And the Sonora won't disappoint with comes with its generous toppings. It consists of six ounces of Painted Hills beef, Monterey Jack cheese, fire roasted chili relish, fresh Anaheim peppers, pickled jicama and Julian radishes, fresh pickled cilantro leaves, and a smoky spicy mayo sauce.

Down the hill in Ballard is a local chain that serves up burgers much bigger than their name.

"You're at Li'l Woody's store number 2," said Marcus Lalario, owner of Li'l Woodys.

"Everything's fresh, nothing is frozen. We form our own patties. We use Painted Hills beef, everything is local northwest. I originally started the burger joint on Capitol Hill because there were no burgers outside of Dicks", said Lalario.

Li'l Woody's will put cheese on just about any burger they make. But, one of their more popular selections has a southwest twist.

"One of our best selling cheese burgers is called the Pendleton. It's got Tillamook cheddar cheese, an onion ring, and house-made barbecue sauce. It's big, it's juicy, its Painted Hills 3rd of a pound ground beef patty. So it's a filling burger for sure," said Lalario.

Whoever decided to put an onion ring on a cheese burger, is a mad genius in our book.