Firefighter Ryan Anderson had a big idea. He and his new standup paddleboard buddy, Matt Parker, decided to go around Vashon Island.

"And then from there, it was like, once we started, why stop? The ball started rollin' downhill, so why stop right," says Ryan.

They began their quest three years ago to circumnavigate what they count as 39 islands in all.

They say they learned a lot about what an island actually is.

"So if you see a random rock, we didn't go around a rock unless it was bigger than our which case we would go around it to say we did it...just so nobody can say we didn't. So it has to be above water at all tides. And bigger than our paddleboard," says Matt.

Hat Island off Everett was their final conquest.

What's next? Matt says they don't know. But Ryan will think of something.

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Drone photography: Joel Pittenger.

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