When it hit theaters in 1997, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion wasn't exactly a blockbuster. But thanks to video it achieved cult-like status due to its devoted fans.

Now the high-heeled besties are back. This time in a musical making its world premiere at the 5th Avenue Theatre.

Cortney Wolfson and Stephanie Renee Wall play the two leading ladies. Both say that while the movie influenced their roles, don't expect a carbon copy performance.

"The characters are iconic from the movie, however, the show is a little bit different on stage, therefore, Stephanie and I have been able to create them from us as well and bring our own little flair to them." Said Wolfson.

What hasn't changed is the story of what happens when the two friends invent fake careers to impress their 80's classmates at their 10-year high school reunion.

"The show does take place in the appropriate time period, it takes place in the late 90's and then we flashback to the late 80's which is just the funniest ever." Said Wall.

What isn't a joke is the real friendship that's blossomed between the two stars while working together.

"We fell in love instantly. We feel very lucky cause in a scenario like this where you share the stage literally the entire show and the backstage, to not have someone that you click with would be a travesty." Said Wolfson.

With all the love and laughs happening on stage, everyone involved with the show hopes 'Romy and Michelle' will hold future reunions, on Broadway.

"When you are having that much fun on stage, there's no way that does not translate to the audience. You're gunna have fun." Said Wolfson.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion is now playing at the 5th Avenue Theatre now through July 2