At Seattle DJ Academy, music enthusiasts from across the Pacific Northwest work together to learn all there is to know about the art of DJ. Age makes no difference at the academy, with students as young as eight years old learning to perfect their skills. All it takes is a passion for electronic music.

With accelerated learning techniques, Seattle DJ Academy works with a wide variety of established musicians and DJ beginners. For 16 year-old Drew Wilson, that diverse community of artists is what drives him more than anything.

"Honestly, I love the people most about this place. I love this studio, I love all of this equipment, but coming and working with people that are similar to you in the sense of music, it's so refreshing."

Seattle DJ Academy offers hands-on instruction, professional equipment, and one-on-one mentorship to prepare its students, whether it be for a career in DJ or simply to help grow their skills and passion.

Visit them online for information about enrollment and events.