Fine wine gets better with age. And in Bremerton, the same may be true for beer.

Bay Pointe Retirement Community is home to a "brewing club," where members make their own batches of beer from scratch.

"It's great, because every little activity is just so marvelous, because you need something to keep your mind busy," said 89-year-old John, one of the founding members.

Other club participants range in age from 85 to 93.

Overseeing everything is activity assistant Randy Webb, whose boss suggested he introduce hops to the monthly schedule.

"(She said) 'Let's brew beer!'" he recalls. "I'm like, 'you're going to let me brew beer at work?' Okay!"

The club has brewed and bottled half a dozen varieties so far.

The process takes time and patience, but the retirement community residents have plenty of both. They say passing the hours together makes all the difference in the world.

They aren't allowed to sell their brews, but guests of Bay Pointe are welcome to come for tastings.