Who is the trendiest man in all of Seattle? Well for these five seconds at least...it's Evening’s Saint Bryan.

Trendy Wendy is the name of the store, not its owner.

“It's a name that I got out of a magazine years ago where it's British slang for the girl that's gotta have everything,” said owner Lisa Chang.

When your name is Trendy Wendy you’ve got to be able to change with the times. Lisa once sold denim… Now, she sells rave wear.

Costumes for those all-night electronic dance music parties and festivals.

“Our rave wear is actually as naked as you can get,” said Chang.

She's not kidding. These are pasties.

“These raves look wilder than the last one I went to,” said Saint. “Much, much wilder.”

It's not the rave of the 90's.

And the new Real World Seattle isn't the Real World of the 90's either. Which may be the reason why cast and cameras visited Trendy Wendy during their months-long shoot on Capitol Hill.

Some local businesses banned the reality stars hoping to avoid all that drama, but Lisa thinks it’s good for the city-- if not her business.

“I'm not expecting anything out of it,” said Lisa. “Like I don't think you can go into something like that expecting something out of it because you'll be disappointed.”

Maybe we'll even see a Real World star in one of these Kigurami animal onesies. They’re very happening among the comfort first crowd.

“Another comfortable thing is you can be out all night, come home, and just go to bed,” said Lisa.

Not Saint though. He’s staying out all night long!