"We've always had to fight to be included with the broader community, and gaming is no different," said Jetspace Magazine founder Robert Roth, organizer of this weekend's Queer Geeks and Gamers Convention.

The all-inclusive Seattle Pride geek con will feature panels, parties, and the centerpiece event, a cosplay contest hosted by Abie Ekenezar, also known, for this occassion, as Glinda the Good Witch.

"There's no formal queer twist to it except for that the people who are going to be there are going to be primarily queer," said Roth. "We've tried to make it really evident, with queer judges and queer cosplayers, cosplayers of color and gender-bending cosplayers. Cosplay is really a chance for you to show your true self, show your fandom, by making yourself look like one of your favorite characters."

Watch for characters from every color of the rainbow.

The Queer Geeks and Gamers Convention runs Saturday and Sunday at Seattle Center's Fisher Pavilion.