It is called the printer's itch and Kirkland native Sean Brown knows it well. It's a compulsion for perfection that keeps his hand fed, heavy duty Heidelberg presses churning.  Brown caught the itch in a Utah printing shop, and brought it back home with him.

“This was just really appealing to me,” says Brown. “Everything! From the paper types to the smell of the ink. Everything from start to finish being done by hand.”

Since 2011, Sean and his team at Pike Street Press have taken on the digital world by going old school. Printing up everything from custom made, embossed wedding invitations to an original line of greeting cards.

All printed up on fifty year old presses.

“The hand-written note is coming back,” says Brown. “People are moving towards that to give a special touch to those they care about.”

It may seem like a niche market, but Brown says for the past two years, customers have been finding him on the web, in the Handmade at Amazon marketplace.

“Handmade at Amazon has been great for us,” says Brown. “We've been able to reach customers across the country that we wouldn’t normally be able to reach.”

The more orders keep coming in, the more the presses keep churning. Just the kind of sound that helps Sean scratch the printer's itch.