If you loved pie as much as Jessamy Whitsett loves pie, you'd eat it every day, for every part of your meal.

That's exactly what Jess has made possible with her Fremont neighborhood bakery called Pie.

Since founding the shop in 2010 with her wife, Renee Steen, Jess and her bakers have been getting to work at 5:30 every morning, making the meat pies, veggie pies and fruit pies that make her customers' days.

Especially THIS day.

Mathematically speaking, Pi Day, March 14, is the Super Bowl of sweet and savory pies. The line of customers stretches right out the door much of the day, with the staff working overtime to produce the hundreds of pies being purchased today.

But, then again, for Jess Whitsett, every day is Pie Day.