"Craft Beer" takes on a new meaning when this Port Townsend artist gets busy with hammers and tin snips.

Loran Scruggs works with tin cans and bottlecaps.

"It makes me happy," she said of her work. "My intent is to add joy to other people's lives."

The bright and shiny work started when Loran figured out to make a whistle from a bottlecap. She can make a whistle from a cap in under 10 minutes.

"I really enjoy making them because they're these little works of art," she said.

Loran takes the art appreciation one step further by making wooden toys. She even makes furniture with the things.

"Each bottlecap is unique," she said. "There's not one duplicate at all."

But there is one huge irony here: Loran doesn't even drink beer. She tries to like it, but only for the caps.

"I always taste beer thinking this will be the beer I like, but it never happens," she said. "I always end up thinking, 'Yeah, it's beer.'"

But the creativity doesn't stop there. Loran transforms other types of tin as well. It's a medium that's becoming scarce, which is why she loves lids.

After spending time with this artist and creations, you'll never see your recycling the same way again. Because you find anything, or anyone, on a piece of tin.

So look closely next time you crack open a cold one -- there's creativity in every cap.

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