Seattle - On the night of her 30th birthday Whitney Mongé played before a standing room only crowd who paid $20 at The Triple Door. It all happened just three blocks--and ten years-- from where she first gained attention as a busker in Pike Place Market.

“I just used to see performers down here and I played guitar for years and I had no idea if I was any good at it,” Mongé says. “I went down and had such an amazing response I kind of just went for it immediately. I quit all my jobs and became a musician so busking is how it started.”

When she was 23, Mongé was featured in a documentary about Seattle buskers called Find Your Way.

“You know I think I'm still trying to find my way,” she says.

Mongé has now made three recordings and usually performs with her own band. But The Cave--this out of the way section of Pike Place Market--still feels like home.

“This is where I learned to hone my craft,” she says. “Right here”.

With her new EP, Stone, Whitney Mongé is making her musical dreams come true. And she’s not alone. So the next time you see a busker, enjoy the show.You may soon be paying for the privilege.

“There is amazing talent in this town,” she says. “It's ridiculous”.

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