Seattle, Wash -- It's the pot shop that gives new meaning to the term, high end.

"We've had a couple of clients say you remind me of the Taj Mahal."

Alejandro Canto is the co-owner of Diego Pellicer, the first store from a local brand that wants to make buying cannabis, a classy affair.

"The goal Diego Pellicer is to be able to bring this luxury premium experience to the consumer that they've never experienced before." Said Canto.

"The way we walk you through our products it's very similar to a high-end jewelry store. One of our sales associates would be able to tell you a description of the product and what you'd expect from it."

It may seem strange to see bongs & water pipes among statues and chandeliers, but their backers are betting their first-class approach will attract buyers of all price points.

"We'll carry the highest end luxury products available in the state, at the same time we'll have the most affordable items in the state."

But affordable isn’t a word you'd use to describe the show stopper in this shop; a one-of-a-kind, cigar length joint that will set you back, $3,600.

"That cigar took 6 weeks just to develop and craft. It takes a 6 weeks curing process just to cure the cigar to be ready to be smoked,” Said Canto. "It has 21 grams of premium indoor flower, four grams of hand pressed rosin. Nothing like it has ever been created, not just in the United States, but in the world ."

It may be a while before weed is revered as fine wine, but this is one pot shop that will be ready if it does.

"We definitely wanted to be the Nordstrom experience."