Artist Zaria Forman knows all about the tip of the iceberg. Her latest exhibition, "Antarctica," showcases ancient monoliths of ice, in pastel, starting this weekend at Winston Wächter Fine Art in South Lake Union.

She's transformed thousands of her photographs into large-scale renderings so she can capture the beauty of icebergs before they're gone.

"They have like personalities," Zaria said. "They have this environment around them. You feel their cold.You hear them crackling. They make noise in a way you'd never expect. And yeah, it's really humbling."

A trip to Greenland right out of college changed her art and her life forever.

"I was kind of already searching for a broader purpose than just a pretty picture for somebody's wall," she said.

She spent a month aboard a National Geographic ship. She says her work itself is fragile, like the ice.

"The work is so vulnerable," she said. "It's soft pastel. It's really smudgy. So it's very difficult to travel with."

She doesn't include penguins or polar bears. For her, it's all about the ice.

"When you love something, you want to protect it," Zaria said. "You want to keep it safe. And if I can create this space where people can fall in love with them the way I have, then perhaps that will inspire them to do something to protect and preserve them."

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