Miss Washington USA admits she's afraid of heights. So King5's "Evening" thought it'd be a good idea to take her for a stroll around the top of the Space Needle!

Kelsey Schmidt doesn't know why she agreed to walk around the halo of the Needle.

"I was secretly hoping that the Seattle rain would come out so I'd not have to do this today," said Kelsey.

But alas, the day is perfect for a historic stroll. She is believed to be the first halo walker to do so WITH A SASH.

58 million people have visited Seattle's iconic landmark. Only about 500 have walked completely around its rim. Kelsey is now one of the select few.

And while she says she would not do it again, she's glad she did it once.

"You can conquer anything. Face your fears. You can do anything!" she said.

Kelsey will hand over her crown at the Miss Washington USA Pageant November 13 in Burien. You can go! Info here.