With hundreds of authentic pieces directly from Mexico, Milagros Mexican Folk Art in Downtown Seattle is one of the many ways to celebrate Day of the Dead in the Northwest this week. Located in the historic Pike Place Market District since 1991, nearly all of Milagros' art is hand-picked in person, with the store owners driving by truck from village to village to find interesting new pieces for their collection. From masks and clay figures to wood carvings and paper mache, this Seattle stop is a a vibrant and unique celebration of the color, creativity, and sense of humor unique to Mexico's artists.

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Day of the Dead 2016 is November 1-2.
Milagros features a wide variety of pieces, including figurines, clay figures, tin work, masks, and paper mache. 
Located at  Pike Place Market, 1409 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101.
Milagros' collection celebrates the creativity and sense of humor unique to Mexico's artisans.