Three years ago a London man managed to catch the subway train he the very next station.
James Heptonstall is "gobsmacked" --his words-- to learn five million people have seen his video on YouTube, inspiring other races all around the world.

Could something like this be done in Seattle?

Michael King decided to try to beat the bus from University Street Station to Westlake Station.

He was the first one out at the University Street Station and he immediately began making good time.There were lots of passengers getting on the the bus and some didn't have the correct change. Michael made use of the escalators and was feeling good.He may have even made it to the street before the bus ever left.

Still, the bus tunnel ride from University Street to Westlake is less than a minute long, and even Michael can't run three blocks in that kind of time.

From the moment the bus opened its door at University Street Station to its departure from Westlake was two and a half minutes.

Michael took nearly four minutes.

We should say, even after scouting out the race, this isn't something we want anyone else to try. It's not safe. You're crossing busy streets. There are other pedestrians and bus riders around. And transit security really seemed suspicious of what we were up to.

Face it: you can't beat the bus.