In Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood, there's a place that proves you don't have to stick to one culture to experience tasty food: Mejari Fusion Sushi and Amigo Ramen makes Japanese food -- with Mexican flavors -- and a can-do attitude that's All-American.

"That's why we're called Mejari -- Mexican, Japanese and American," explained manager Sotero Bravo.

Here' you'll find fresh pico di gallo on sushi rolls, and habanero aoli topping nigiri: which begs the question, do you put wasabi on stuff that's already been heated up by south-of-the- border spice?

"People still use wasabi, yes, because it's a different kind of spice. Wasabi burns but goes away quick -- jalapeno, it's gonna stay," said Bravo.

The fusion doesn't end in Mexico...

Chef Luis Mendez perfects an Italian ramen mashup that's not on the menu yet--

"Carbonara Japonesa!"

Char siu Pork collides with Romano cheese...

Which seems pretty tame, until the uni goes in…

It's the first time we've ever seen Romano cheese and sea urchin roe share a ramen bowl.

Partner Dai Mochizuki explains why this restaurant is such a melting pot;

"We all worked in different restaurants,Japanese and Italian and French, and everybody wanted to get their own shop, you know, but it's not that easy."

The combined talents of this multicultural crew make Mejari a place where good food -- and friendship -- has no boundaries.