“The Blacklist” returns to NBC Thursday night at 9 p.m. and the crime drama features Megan Boone, who plays FBI agent Liz Keen. She joined Evening reporters Jim Dever and Saint Bryan via satellite to talk about the show’s fourth season and her new fundraising project, Caroline Agnes.

Jim: You guys have been off for a while. Are you happy "The Blacklist" is back?

Megan: Yeah. It'll be nice to be back on the air. For sure. Are you happy?

Saint: We're very happy it's back tonight, but tell us, when do you watch the episodes? I assume you get an early peek?

Megan: Well, I get it sent to me a little early so I can just sort of watch it and be prepared to either live-tweet or send out something to the fans on social media. I think social media has changed the way actors and producers engage with the show.

Saint: And the viewers too. So for folks not up to speed, where are we at when we last left "The Blacklist?"

Megan: Here we go with some spoiler alerts, but I'm not going give away too much of what hasn't aired. But we left off with Red on his death bed, and it seems as if he's poisoned and all evidence points to the least likely person, which is Dembe … so the first hour is hunting for Dembe, and that hunt leads us down a path that goes into the past of Liz and Red. So we see Reddington as a young man. We see Elizabeth as a child, a baby and some other characters that you would not expect in Liz's past this early on in her origin story will appear as well.

Jim: Well speaking of baby, you just celebrated your daughter, Caroline's, first birthday last Saturday. How did that go?

Megan: It was really, really fun. We took her to see marionettes and then we had a picnic in the park, and I figured out that I could hire a musician from Juilliard – these students. So I brought in a cellist. Her name's Jennifer, and she actually watched “The Blacklist,” so she didn't admit it until the end, but it was funny. She was great. It was really beautiful. Caroline loves music, so that's why we did it that way.

Saint: Well I'm sure your daughter inspires you every day, but she was also the reason you started your own line of baby clothing. Tell us more about that.

Megan: CarolineAgnes.org. Thanks for asking. I started a company after my daughter was born because we got this huge influx of stuff in lots of plastic packaging … So I developed a really low-profile gift that you can give to someone that comes in all post-consumer packaging. It's all organic material ... And all proceeds go to Earth Justice, who make sure that we have clean air and clean water, so our kids can enjoy the good health that all of us have enjoyed.