You can say the force is strong with this one.

Don Sucher opened the Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop in Aberdeen in the late 1990's to give his boys something to do.

“We just never got around to closing, and here we are 18 years later, and we just let it get totally out of control,” Sucher said with a laugh.

It's a store so jammed with Star Wars memorabilia that fans will need Jedi mind control just to leave.

As you might have guessed, Don is a pretty big star wars fan.

Don Sucher, owner of Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop in Aberdeen, shows off his Carrie Fisher tattoo.

“I've had a tattoo of Carrie Fisher on my arms for about 18 years,” he said.

Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop
(360) 970-7080
413 E Wishkah St
Aberdeen, WA 98520