His booming voice has been a part of Seattle's radio airwaves for more than 4 decades. But when Tom Hutyler is not doing his day job at KOMO radio during baseball season, you can hear him at his other job, down at Safeco Field.

For the past 30 seasons, Hutyler has been the official PA announcer for the Seattle Mariners. It’s a job he was offered after filling in on the gig back in the late 80's.

"They called me and asked if I would be interested and actually a friend of mine, Mark Langston who pitched for the team at the time, and he put in a good word for me too." Said Hutyler.

His job hasn't changed much since his day in the Kingdome, but the production around him certainly has.

"The pregame show is actual more intense and more work for me,” Said Hutyler.
"In between innings, we might have a sponsor or we might have a giveaway."

But it's his calling of the players’ names as they walk to the plate, that fans look forward to hearing most.

"People ask if we get a new player, how are you going to say Robinson Cano, how you going to say, Nelson Cruz. I don't really think of it until it happens," Hutyler said. "A star player is going to lend himself more to something with a little more oomph."

Hutyler says he can feel the fans gratitude for his calls, all the way up in his booth.

"There is that recognition of that player as an excellent player and the crowd’s appreciation, I think is gratifying."

So while most of us are lucky to have one job we love, thanks to his voice, Tom Hutyler's second profession with the Mariners, is a homerun as well.

"I'm very humbled by it and have been blessed to do this for so long and I hope to be doing this for many years."