Many say he has the best hair in baseball. But he might not even have the best hair in his house.

Mariner Taylor Motter has hair competition from his girlfriend Melissa. And their dog Yankee.

"I will say he's the best at rocking the short hair when we get him trimmed."

But Taylor still thinks he's the champ.

After all, his goldilocks have their own Twitter page...the team uses his mane for a fan "Hair Flip Cam" during games...and even opposing players occasionally reach out and touch Motter's hair, as Jose Altuve did in an early season game.

"I kinda just like havin something to play with. I couldn't imagine not having hair there...wouldn't know what it'd feel like anymore."

Taylor and Melissa recommend Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner...and Fave 4 "Smooth for Sure" blowout cream.