Elmer Smith watches over as you shop for jewelry, chocolate or a World War I blanket at E. Smith Mercantile.

"People come in all the time and say, 'This place reminds of something but I don't know what. It feels like home but I don't know why,'" said Jessie Poole, co-founder of what she calls a 'modern general store.'

Jessie is the great-granddaughter of Elmer Smith, an Idaho miner at the turn of the century. She explained that in the town where her great-grandfather resided, there was a store called the Hub which had dry goods on one side and a soda fountain on the other side.

"At night they'd clear everything out and put hay on the floor and do dancing, put the kids up on the pool tables."

That's what Jessie and her mom were after when the two opened "E. Smith Mercantile, along with shop cat Jackie Bell.

Found on the shelves are bottles of tonic labeled for different states of being and has its own unique restorative ability. For example, the euphoria tonic helps to lift the spirit, while a dream tonic encourages lucid dreaming. One could even call them 'magic potions.'

More 'potions' can be made in the back bar, where you can grub on bacon deviled eggs or burnt sugar popcorn.

In the basement, the mother-daughter-duo creates organic skin care products and offers spa services like full body coffee scrubs.

Back in the shop, purchase anything from cow tail candy to a Bigfoot patch, to bourbon maple syrup. You can even find hand-carved knives with a mystical eye or an octopus.

"They use a naturally felled antler. So they go collect the antlers in the spring for the casing, and then we commissioned a local artist named Olivia Knapp to do the designs for us," Jessie said about the knives.

Candles come in cedarwood or tobacco, belt buckles are big and gloves show you mean business.

It's a journey back in time that somehow feels brand new.

E. Smith Mercantile
208 1st Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104

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