We may have found Michelle Obama’s jeweler! We suspect the First Lady has no idea, but some of her favorite jewelry may have been made by veronica & harold Jewelry.

She hasn't been able to confirm it, but jewelry designer Lisa Richardt is pretty well convinced the earrings worn by Michelle Obama were with this hammer, by these hands, at this table.

“I mean who else could you wish to be wearing a piece of your jewelry,” said Richardt.

She does know for sure this necklace worn by Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey is her work.

“It's the only necklace she wears in the movie,” said Richardt. “So people were very, like I have to have this exact one.”

She found out kind of by accident.

“I go to the movies maybe once or twice a year at the most. And so one of my girlfriends says ‘Hey we're gonna go out for girls night. We're gonna go to 50 Shades of Grey,’” said Richardt. “Then I was like ‘Oh my God that's my necklace!’”

Lisa's minimalist, handmade pieces are found in more than 50 boutiques, mostly in the Pacific Northwest.

“Yeah I've touched every single piece that goes out the door,” said Richardt.

She named her company veronica & harold after her mom and dad, and she continues her grandpa’s legacy. Walt was the Magnolia village jeweler for decades.

“I was always in love with all the opals,” said Richardt. “He also did grandfather clocks and pocket watches. So there was always a lot of chiming and noise and action. Definitely as a little girl, it was a fun adventure.”

She even has some of his old tools.

“All of these boxes were his too that I keep little things in,” said Richardt.

She says people love her stuff because of the simplicity, the price point and...

“My mother wears my jewelry. And my friend's 5-year-old daughter has a necklace I made,” said Richardt. “Yeah something for everybody.”

You can see Lisa’s handmade designs for yourself at fine shops all over Washington state and across the country.

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