Most people look at a menu to see what to order. But Seattle artist, Dozfy, sees a canvas.

"I just kind of go at it and draw and draw and draw like I'm lost in my own mind at times."

Recently Dozfy met up with Evening at The Bookstore Bar & Cafe to talk about his work.

"The menu thing started with a couple of friends. They would keep receipts that I would draw on. And then I ran into a friend, he saw what I was drawing on receipts and he was like why don't you just start drawing on the menus? They recycle them every week. And so I was like, that's a cool idea."

Years later, Dozfy has left mini-masterpieces on menus all over Seattle.

"Each menu is very different so it's like a new composition and so it's fun to like manipulate it, change it, transform it into a mini art piece."

Asking for a menu to read and one to draw on does order up some strange looks.

"I enjoy when they are like, you want to keep the menu why? Then I start drawing and they get kind of nervous and kind of skeptical like oh he's damaging the menu and then when the final piece comes out that surprised look or ah or sometimes you know sometimes a look of just, oh man you just wasted a piece of paper."

While the menu art is fun, Dozfy hopes his small works will lead to bigger things.

"With the menu art, they are all ideas, precursor ideas for like bigger projects, bigger murals. Getting a glimpse to what I'm thinking."

Even if other project come, don't expect Dozfy to stop doodling on menus anytime soon.

"I just can't help it, it's like breathing. I'm just going to do it as long as long as people give me menus to draw on."

You can see the artistic process happen in person at the Dozfy Menu Art Experiences.

You can follow Dozfy on Instagram at @Dozfy and @Dozfyworks.

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