SEATTLE, Wash -- It's been a staple in Seattle's music scene for almost 4 decades.
Dimitriou's Jazz Alley has hosted everyone from up-and-comers, to living legends. But even when classic bands like Tower of Power are playing, you'll probably find the club's owner John Dimitriou in the kitchen making sure everything is just right.

"And I'm Greek. And that's what Greeks do they work in the kitchen." Said Dimitriou.

Dimitriou’s love of live music came to him at an early age.

"I worked at the Edgewater Inn. That was around 1963 and that's when they had the Crown Terrace which was a night club on top of the Edgewater. They had a lot of great artists there like Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass Band, Frank Sinatra Junior. And I used to sneak up the back way and sit back and watch them. And I kinda got hooked there."

Dimitriou went on to have a career working in clubs. But what he really wanted was a club of his own.

“I'd been looking around and looking around and I finally found a place in the University District that was called Jazz Alley,” Said Dimitriou. “We started literally with virtually nothing in the bank and we worked really hard for a lot of years.
We probably made more mistake than we'd like to think and we just persevered."

In 1985, Jazz Alley moved to their current location on the corner of 6th and Lenora.

"It was a much smaller room. It sat 150, 175 people. But it was big. It had 18-foot ceilings. The sound was really good in it."

What also was good were the acts that hit their stage.

"You get to hear artists you never know what's going to happen to them for example...
Harry Connick Jr played here. Diana Krall played here two or three times before she came up."

Today, Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley is the third-longest continuously run jazz club in the country. And though the journey here hit some sour notes at times, He believes the lure of live music will keep them going even longer.

"There's nothing like live performance. Cause magic can happen at any given time. At any given moment something can happen that all of a sudden can make you sit back and go, wow that was special."