The stars of Cars 3 weighed in on Seattle’s traffic problems by offering possible solutions from their animated characters.

Cristela Alonzo, who plays newcomer Cruz Ramirez:
“That's a great question. Just know that, like in life, sometimes in traffic the journey is long but you have to hang in there because you've got to go to where you're supposed to - your final destination."

Armie Hammer, who plays super-fast rookie Jackson Storm:
“Get a helicopter."

Kerry Washington, who plays statistician Natalie Certain:
"I wonder what a statistician would say about traffic? She'd probably tell you to drive at different hours, to track the traffic patterns and to drive it at other times."

Owen Wilson, who reprises his role as Lightning McQueen:
"You know, you've got to find those windows where you can sort of bob and weave your way through. That's the key. The best defense is a good offense.”

Cars 3 is rated G and opens in theaters June 16.