A Seattle area group goes out of this world when it comes to action figures. What's happening here isn't happening anywhere else in the world.

What are they creating?

Life-size Ewoks, made with the perfect combination of PVC pipe, foam and fur.

Tom Stewart likes them so much he has an Ewok phone, mug, ice skates, roller skates, and even Ewok weed!

Tom, his wife Michael and four others started the Ewok Builders Club.

Their goal was to take their furry friends for photos in the actual filming location in California's Redwood Forest.
When they did, one photo made it to the top.

Tom said, “The picture got grabbed and put onto the White House blog when they started talking about films set in national parks.”

Tom and Michael have since been joined by now 14 others in the club, including Krister Persson and his dad.

“So I've grown up with Ewoks and it's really cool to have one now,” said Krister.

They make the Ewok faces out of a Hulk mask with a clay nose and lips glued on.

Krister said the eyes are baby bottle lids that are spray painted black.

“It's a lot easier to make one of these than a Wookie!” said Tom.

The Perssons said the Ewoks are the glue that bonds them together as father and son.

“Building an Ewok with the 100 hours you put into it, there's a lot of collaboration between each other,” Krister said. “So we just spend a lot more time together.”