Evening's Saint Bryan sat down with film critic Leonard Maltin to talk about scary movies and how to gently introduce them to your children.

Saint: So a great way to introduce your kids to horror movies without scaring their pants off is maybe?

Leonard: Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein. There's an example of a way to introduce your kids to classic movies that won't turn them off, that won't seem dated or boring, that can be a way to introduce them to the great horror icons: Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman, The Invisible Man and have a good time, and you can share it together.

Saint: And maybe from there go to Frankenstein?

Leonard: You can, or Bride of Frankenstein which is even better and even more impressive. And of course, if you've shown your kids or shared with your kids Mel Brooks's Young Frankenstein and then you see Bride of Frankenstein, you see what the parody is based on.They can have fun with that too.

Saint: You don't strike me as guy who likes those gory, splatter movies.

Leonard: You're very perceptive. I like movies that are eerie and spooky. The Others is a really good ghost story.

Saint: That's the one with Nicole Kidman?

Leonard: Uh huh, I like that a lot. And also a film like 28 Days Later which is about a plague that creates bloodthirsty zombies. It's not a zombie movie. It's a cautionary tale about an epidemic that spreads and creates real panic and terror and what's scary about that is it could happen. You believe that it could happen and it's so well done.

Saint: What are your plans for trick or treating?

Leonard: I share door patrol. I try to be judicious about how much candy I hand out and I'm a sucker for a cute kid in a costume.

Saint: There you go.

Leonard: That's what Halloween is all about. The kids.

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