Chris Booher and his boys Conrad and Jackson can often be found at the Leavenworth Pump Track.

The twists and turns are designed to make cyclists better:

"A pump track is a series of berms and rollers were the idea is to is keep your momentum by pumping arms and legs and moving the bike underneath to generate speed,” Booher explained.

This place exists because of one twist... that turned this families life upside down:

"Ellie and I met on the Himalayas, about 19,000 feet up,” recalled Booher. Ellie and Chris got married, had their boys -- and settled into an active life in this mountain town.

"She was a mountain girl.” Booher smiled.

Then, in 2014, Ellie Booher died in an avalanche outside of B.C.

"So. After Ellie passed, I was just trying to think with some friends what would be a good way to have Ellie live on and live on in our community and this is what we came up with."

The family rode in a pump track in Sun Valley before Ellie's death.

Chris thought building one here might be a fitting tribute to her life.

So family and Friends launched The Blue Lotus Foundation.

"Ellie loved the symbol of the lotus flower." Booher said. “It was something that was very important to her and after her death it to seem natural involve the lotus somehow. The blue’s from her eyes in my point of view,” said Ellie’s husband.

The community gathered around this family -- and built Leavenworth's pump track in less than a year.

Now, this is where Chris and the boys talk to Ellie.

"We get to come by the sign, it's got her name on it so I can give it a little kiss,” Booher said.

Take a close look, and you can see the love built into this place. A big green heart sits right in the middle of the track.

"This place is all about Ellie to me,” Booher said.

A place in the mountains where the twists and turns are tough.

But worth it.

As her family’s laughter rings out as they make yet another run around this track, it’s obvious.

This is a good place to remember Ellie Booher.