Think of it as a big box of comedy. NBC's Superstore has been ringing up laughs for the past two seasons. Now, the workers of Cloud 9 are back and more beleaguered than ever.

But the cast that plays a dysfunctional workforce on TV is really more like a happily dysfunctional family in real life.

"We all really love and enjoy working with each other," star America Ferrera said. "And it's just felt kind of too easy, like, 'Huh? Are we forgetting something? There's no stress.'"

Her co-star, Mark McKinney, said, "It's like we're a band that's been on the road together for awhile."

Actress Lauren Ash, who plays the store's assistant manager, and McKinney both grew up in the funniest nation on earth, Canada.

"I reject your compliment on behalf of Canadians," joked McKinney.

Ash replied, "That's a very Canadian stance."

Fellow cast member Nico Santos, who stars as store associate Mateo, is from the Philippines by way of Portland, Oregon.

"I worked for a summer at Burgerville in Gresham," Santos said.

Just before he started breaking barriers as a gay, Asian actor in prime time, Santos was seating diners for 10 dollars an hour.

"Table for two, right this way!" he quipped.

As for all this "one big happy family" talk, co-star Ben Feldman said it's nonsense.

"This cast is a bunch of monsters. And working with them is garbage. It's torturous," Feldman began, then paused. "That's a joke. But also, yes, they do harass me constantly about literally everything."

Luckily for us, this super-dysfunctional cast also happens to be super-funny.

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