Kevin Hart has become a bonafide movie star. But this weekend, he's going back to his roots as a standup comedian.

He won't be on stage in Seattle, but you can see him on the big screen. His new movie "Kevin Hart: What Now?" was filmed live in front of 53,000 people.

He joined us from Washington D.C. to tell us all about it. Check out the full interview below.

TEAM EVENING: Hey, Kevin can you hear us? Kevin?

KEVIN HART: Oh Seattle I'm sorry. I just picked my ear. You guys might have seen that I apologize. How you guys doing?

TE: We're great, but we don't have a brand new movie coming out like you do. Can you tell us what "Kevin Hart: What Now" is all about?

KH: Of course I can tell you what it's about. “What Now” is my next stand-up comedy special that's hitting theaters late tonight and this weekend… Listen it's me in rare form, me at my best.

We made history the day we filmed it, performing in a football stadium. We sold out the football stadium. That was an amazing feat within its own.

TE: Yeah, 53,000 people were there that night. Tell us, do you get more nervous performing in a football stadium full of fans or a small comedy club with say, 50 people?

KH: Ahhhhh, I don't really get nervous, I get excited. I think the trick is to make them all the same. Even though it was 53,000 people in that football stadium I was able to make it intimate. You know I'm a story teller. I need to engage my fan base. So everything was told from my POV and I made my background interactive with what I was talking about.

TE: Kevin, there are several classic stand-up comedy movies, if you could only pick one, which is your favorite?

KH: Wow, that's not fair.

TE: No, it is not.

KH: If that's the case, you gotta go Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip. You have to.

I can still, still, I mean there's so many specials that I watch today and still crack up. I'm a student of stand-up comedy. I would not be sitting here today if those doors weren't opened up to me by the greats before me.

TE: Kevin, a lot of stars engage with their fans over social media and such, but you take it to another level sometimes. Like when you were in Seattle last September, you invited your fans to come down to Gas Works park and go on a run with you. Why do you like to do things like that?

KH: Ahhhh, cause I like to show that I'm real. I like to show I'm authentic. Last thing I want to be is false. I think the more that you speak and your actions actually match up with the words that you say the more people will actually respect you.

I don't want to be a figment of your imagination. I'm real so I get out and I interact and I show love to the people that show me love. It's that simple.

TE: Cool! Well, Kevin thank you so much for your time and we can't wait to go see your new film.

KH: Yes, yes! Get up get out go see it. My best stand-up work to date. “What Now”, in theaters. Guys, you will not be disappointed. We made history. Performed in a football stadium. First comedian to do that. Help me make history this weekend, get up, go out, and go see it!